A. lived in a small village in Afghanistan. She dreamed of becoming a teacher, but her life took a dark turn when she was forced into an arranged marriage with a man who was abusive both verbally and physically. A. felt trapped and alone, with nowhere to turn for help.

One day, as A. was walking home from the market, she heard a loud explosion. The ground shook beneath her feet, and she looked up to see a plume of smoke rising in the distance. She knew that it was a bomb. Over the following weeks and months, the violence in her village escalated, and A. and her family began to fear for their lives.

One night, A. and her family were forced to flee their home under cover of darkness. They packed only what they could carry and set out on a perilous journey across the mountains. For weeks, they walked and hid, relying on the kindness of strangers and the hope of finding safety.

Finally, after many long and difficult days, A. and her family arrived in a refugee camp. They were exhausted, hungry, and frightened, but they were alive. In the camp, they found shelter and support from aid organisations and the local community.

After a time, A.’s family decided to take their chances with a smuggler who promised to help them cross the border into the UK. The journey was long and treacherous, and when they arrived, A. and her family were left in limbo, without any resources or support. They applied for asylum, but their application was rejected and they were threatened with deportation.

A. was forced to live on the streets of London, homeless and destitute. It was there that she met a kind lady who referred her to Blossom, that provides support to refugees and displaced persons.

With the help of Blossom, A. was able to find a legal advisor who could help her prepare her case and make a strong argument for why she should be allowed to remain in the UK. The team at Blossom also connected her with the wider community, providing her with a support network that helped her to navigate the challenges of being a refugee in a new and unfamiliar country.

Through human rights arguments, A.’s case was successfully won, allowing her to stay in the UK and to continue to pursue her dreams and aspirations.

A. says that being a part of Blossom has changed her life. She has never known what happiness means before, but being a part of Blossom has changed her perspective on life. Blossom has helped her with her well-being, listened to her every time she needed to be heard, and helped her to understand that she is not alone. Today, A. is very happy in her pursuit of happiness, with a new outlook on life and a new sense of purpose.

Her story is a powerful reminder of the resilience and strength of refugees, and the importance of providing support and resources to those who have been forced to flee their homes due to conflict, persecution, and violence, particularly under the Taliban regime. By working together and advocating for the rights of refugees, we can create a world where everyone is able to live free and dignified lives.

What we teach and learn at Blossom is storytelling and how we helped A towards empowerment

The Call to Adventure: A. dreams of becoming a teacher, but her life takes a dark turn when she is forced into an arranged marriage and is abused by her husband. The call to adventure comes when A. is forced to flee her home and seek safety in a refugee camp.

Refusal of the Call: A. and her family are hesitant to leave their home and embark on a perilous journey, but they have no choice if they want to survive.

Supernatural Aid: A. and her family receive support and kindness from strangers along their journey, as well as aid organizations and the local community in the refugee camp.

Crossing the Threshold: A. and her family cross the mountains and enter the refugee camp, leaving their old life behind and stepping into the unknown.

Belly of the Whale: A. and her family face numerous challenges and dangers on their journey, including the threat of violence and the risk of starvation.

The Road of Trials: A. and her family face numerous challenges as refugees, including homelessness, destitution, and the threat of deportation.

Meeting with the Goddess: A. is referred to Blossom, a community interest company that provides support to refugees, which helps to change the trajectory of her journey and offer her a sense of hope and support.

Temptation: A. faces the temptation to give up and return to her old life, despite the risks and challenges she faced there.

Atonement with the Father: A. confronts the patriarchal structures that led to her arranged marriage and the violence she suffered, and finds a new sense of agency and empowerment.

Apotheosis: Through her journey, A. discovers her own inner strength and resilience, as well as the support of her community.

The Ultimate Boon: A.’s case is successfully won, allowing her to remain in the UK and continue to pursue her dreams and aspirations.

Refusal of the Return: A. refuses to return to her old life of violence and oppression, and instead continues to build a new life for herself in the UK with the support of Blossom and her community.

Overall, A.’s story is a powerful example of the hero’s journey, and shows how resilience, strength, and community support can help individuals overcome incredible challenges and obstacles in their lives.