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Blossom Community Education for Everyone

Blossom Community Learning

At Blossom we believe that learning must be linked to a growth in confidence and self esteem. It must give people a sense of belonging; provide meaning and purpose in life. Learning about things is essential to shape how we view, and can change the world.

We empower the community through awareness raising, knowledge, understanding and wisdom to deliver a collective change in behaviour, appreciation and understanding.

Awareness raising means making people conscious about a problems or issues. Our goal is to make people understand the importance of these and find support to address it.
Knowledge is the accumulation of facts.
Understanding is the capability and capacities to discern and make decisions about which aspects of the knowledge they have collected are true. Understanding is like a camera lens that brings the facts into focus and enables someone to produce principles.
Wisdom is the understanding of the facts and principles and then providing the application as to what to do next. Wisdom is also being able to learn from past experiences and thus gain understanding of something. With this gained wisdom, they can choose not to make the same mistakes over and over again.

Blossom is able to deliver its learning in other community languages.

We are able to deliver learning in local venues, cafés, schools, colleges and in community and faith centres.
If you want to know how we can help you set up community learning centres in your venue, or in community spaces you know, please contact us on
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