Belonging, Laughter, Openness, Safe, Sharing, Optimism, Making New Friends

The Happy Place

Thousands of candles can be lit from a single candle.

The Happy Place is a safe community space where people can come and talk. Allowing people to talk is the key to identifying the root cause of people’s problems, prejudices and misunderstandings, and unless these are addressed we cannot solve them. Every individual is provided with the opportunity to be heard and to have others listen to them — really listen — and understand.

Finding someone to talk to not only provides connection, comfort, and understanding but also offers opportunities to talk about shared experiences as well as prevents feelings of loneliness and isolation.

The Happy place is where people make connections that matter. Where commonalities are cherished and valued, differences are celebrated and the extraordinary is discovered. The Happy Place provides everyone with a sense of empowerment and ownership, somewhere they can be proud to call home and somewhere they feel safe, included and valued.

The Happy Place is a safe place to have a tea/coffee (chai) and chat; share some food and recipes; meet other people; share joys and sadness; deal with bereavement; learn together; learn about each other; organise social activities; have parties and invite guests; participate in sports and exercise; work on arts projects; celebrate festivals and celebrations; play games and go out on enrichment activities.

The Happy Place is a place where people matter and integrate; where they enjoy participation; have influence; have shared emotional connection; feel their needs are fulfilled and supported; are gaining knowledge and insight; feel a sense of togetherness; feel better connected and able to reach their goals; have a sense of security; discover their passion; are able to express their feelings and receive acknowledgment and find comfort in sharing their history and culture.